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If you are looking to buy healthier, higher-grade caridina and neocaridina shrimp for your shrimp tank, we stock Taiwan high grade imported live shrimp, as well as shrimp specific equipment to help you create the perfect living environment for your invertebrate pets. So you get to enjoy not just them, but their offspring in months and years to come.

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Aquarium shrimp for sale in Singapore! But before your begin your shrimpkeeping journey, you have to read this.. 

Singapore's tap water supply may be some of the world's cleanest, but where shrimp are concerned, there are some things you need to be aware of. In the world of freshwater dwarf shrimps, there are several types of shrimp that are more sensitive to water conditions. These are the caridina shrimps. The other more popular and more "hardy" ones are known as neocaridinas that have higher tolerance to treated tap water. 

caridina shrimp singapore

Example of caridina shrimp

yellow caridina shrimp singapore

Example of Neo caridina shrimp

Caridina vs Neo Caridinas

To keep things really simple: Caridinas (which are often valued for their amazing coloration and patterns, they do best with conditioned pure water) we usually recommend that you have basic water treatment like a RODI (reverse osmosis de-ionizer) system so chemicals and heavy metals are removed from the water, and use some aquasoil that will buffer (change the water chemistry) to keep your shrimp water better suited for caridina shrimp.

Shrimp are sensitive to water changes and unlike their aquatic counterparts like fish, are more delicate and can get traumatized when water conditions change too rapidly such as temperature, general hardness, acidity/alkanlinity. 

The top tip we would always try to impart to our customers is to go easy, go slow and keep things as stable as you can. Soon enough, if conditions are right, you'll start to see little shrimp appearing in your tank!

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There are many local fish shops that also stock shrimps, so why buy from a shrimp speciality shop like Shrimphub?

You can tell that at a shrimp specialist shop that the equipment used tends to be different from their fish counterparts, as well as the actual coloration, variety of shrimp and breed purity. So if you're a discerning shrimp hobbyist looking for nice colours and patterns to admire, you will realise that getting quality shrimp stock can be more rewarding for your viewing pleasure! 

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